Rotting Moving Picture Room

 The Sixth Threshold (curtain) 2011

 Beam 2012

Beam Detail

 Seat 2011

 The Forth Threshold (Ticket booth) 2011

 Box 2012

 Sign 2013
(Unique C-Type photograph)

 Movie Sounds 2012

Movie Sounds detail

 The Silver Screen 2010

 Melting Beam 2010

 Navigational Device 2011

 Navigational Device detail

 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2011

  Original Motion Picture Soundtrack detail

 Highly Collectable Movie Poster Taped 2012


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  2. nathan, this work looks so great! when are you showing it in sydney? do you have a catalogue? deb.. (no idea why i'm 'advanced analogue' i do not know how to kill that old blog. it was for a class eons ago. sorry)