C41: The Collectors Edition

Constructed with salvaged parts the C41 Collectors Edition retains the same aesthetic as the original,  packaged in a small portable convenient model. The collectors edition retains all the same components and work ethics that the original did. So you to can produce the same results in the comfort of your own home. 

 ALWAYS keep the C41 LOCKED-UP!! 
No unauthorised use is allowed.
(unauthorised means everyone but you!)

The C41 comes with its own Music Dock. Health&Safety regulations state
that no music or sound may be played through speakers in a work area, 
but since you are special you are allowed to play music, so enjoy.

 The 'Opener' may me used for both film canisters or beer bottles
(note: alcohol may only be consumed during lunch) 

 The C41 is also supplied with its own refreshing alcohol beverages.
Alcohol may only be consumed at lunch time! This makes afternoon 
work time more bearable. 

 The C41 has its own built in dry rack. 
Look out for the Hairdryer Attachment coming in 2013

 Please note: in keeping with the original C41 procedure: 
 The 25th roll of film processed must be damaged. 
With every 50 rolls of film processed one must be lost.

(It is important that when, and if the C41 has not been used for a few months, 
it must be destroyed and disposed of. 
It is NOT allowed to be stored for possible future use 
you must get rid of it as soon as possible.)



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